Aloha and Welcome! This is the website of Kamakani 'O Kohala 'Ohana (Kako'o for short). A community environmental group in Kohala on the island of Hawaii. This website is our portal for information about environmental issues in Kohala and a library of documents for your reference. Please have a look around. We hope you will contact us with your suggestions and ideas and we invite you to subscribe to our mailing lists to get updates with news, events and lectures.



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In the Hawaii County general plan Mahukona is marked down for resort development. However, for the multinational investment firms that own the land, time is running out. 20 years after the permits were issued, deadlines have come and past and the dreams of an economic generator for Kohala have turned into locked gates, dry toilets and forgotten promises. In the struggle for what remains, the people of Kohala voice the opinion that they would prefer to have their rough and broken coastline to themselves than the broken promise of jobs cleaning hotel toilets that will never be built. The people of Kohala are a strange a proud people and their claim to their land cannot be refused... Read more..